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Fans of digital/interactive literature.

Fans of digital/interactive literature. Check out the latest issue of The New River:

Fans of digital/interactive literature.

Fans of digital/interactive literature. Check out the latest issue of The New River:

“How to Time an Engine,” my videopoem

“How to Time an Engine,” my videopoem collaboration with R.W. Perkins–published today in the Atticus Review: goes live!, a digital literature project nearly three years in the making, is finally complete! All three interfaces are now fully functional and ready for interaction. We’ve given the site a bit of a send off (which includes a brief essay offering some of my very general ruminations on digital literature) over at the Atticus Review: Huge thanks to programmer Darik Hall for his collaboration.

“Highway Coda,” one of the interfaces on the lit-digital site is a digital literary extension of the flash fiction piece you’ll find in Three Ways of the Saw.  Ladies and gentlemen, the word has left the page.

An Epiphany for Saw

I’m fortunate to have three pieces in the Spring Summer ’12 issue of Epiphany, an excellent literary journal that publishes some pretty cutting edge stuff.  Of the three pieces, one is “Getting Beaten,” a visceral and hard-edged story from the Saw collection. The other two are new.  Of these, one is an essay/process piece solicited by the Epiphany editors.  It’s titled “The Process of Getting Beaten,” and it’s generally about how the story came to be, but it also veers into, among other things, kicking ass, getting your ass kicked, the nature or road rage, cowardice, automotive sabotage,  and knowing oneself.  The other piece, “The Roaring Engine of Here” is new–the title piece of the chapbook-length collection of prose-poem type things I’m going to start shopping around this fall.

Big thanks to Epiphany for supporting my work.

Sawing Away in Madison, IN.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of reading at Village Lights Bookstore, a really cool indie bookstore in the sleepy river town of Madison, Indiana.

In addition to being a very kind and generous person with fantastic taste in books, the owner, Nathan, devoted an entire display window of Village Lights to promoting Saw, complete with chainsaw and a picture of Leatherface!


I think the display goes particularly well with the “Peace, Love, Books” poster behind my left shoulder.  Leatherface is hard to see, but he’s on the lower shelf, right next to the copy of Saw on the far left.

Thanks for having me down, Nathan.

 And thanks to everyone who came out to the reading.  It was an excellent time.



PANK speaks on SAW

A thoughtful review of “Three Ways of the Saw” in PANK from David Atkinson:


“There is a lot we are told in a short time, but there is also a lot we are not being told that we somehow also know.  In short, I find this to be compelling fiction.”

“In this collection Mullins tells us…that experimental fiction is not the only place to find new things in fiction.  No matter how many times we may have been over traditional grounds, there are still surprises to be had when you have the kind of range at your fingertips that Mullins appears to.”