The Book

At turns brutal and angry, searching and reflective, these stories wind through the echoes and disconnects of family, the stumblings of lost souls, and the remaining impressions of things unraveled.  With a stylistic range that extends from realism to the impressionistic, from flash fictions to longer forms, Three Ways of the Saw is a collection of contemporary short fiction that keeps an eye on literary traditions even as it pushes literary boundaries.  It’s a book to be reckoned with.

The Author

Matt Mullins is a writer, musician, experimental filmmaker and multimedia artist.  His fiction and poetry have appeared or are forthcoming in Mid American Review, Pleiades, Hunger Mountain, Harpur Palate, Descant, Hobart, decomP, Dogzplot, kill author, and a number of other print and online literary journals.  His recent works of interactive/digital literature can be found at lit-digital.com.  A few of his experimental films can be found here.

Matt lives in Muncie, Indiana where he currently teaches creative writing at Ball State University.  He has previously made a living as a copywriter, a tree trimmer, auto plant assembly line worker, security guard, house painter and “detailer” of cars.

Matt is also the Mixed Media Editor for the Atticus Review, an excellent online literary magazine, and you can find his occasional blog here:  Mull.

If you ever meet him you’ll find he doesn’t actually talk about himself in the third person.  Like most of us, he finds people who do so somewhat disconcerting.

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