Now You’ve Done It

Readers, Friends, Countrymen/women, to keep you current on all things Saw, I’ll be using this site to publish excerpts from the book as well as  to share information about what I’m up to (where I’m reading, what I’m writing, doing, building, and breaking).  If you’d like to contact me to read  in your bar, house, backyard, basement, university, parking lot, airplane, garage, etc., you can reach me at  You can also follow me on twitter, visit my very occasional blog to read  my more experimental writing, or check out my youtube channel and to see my  mixed media work.


One response to “Now You’ve Done It

  1. As a creative soul who has writing and singing since the age of 4, I am just now becoming who I was meant to be, which is to be a writer. I am just now finding the courage to put my work out into the world and reading your blog just gave me incredible hope that my dream will materialize. Your writing evokes passion in me and I am now a MASSIVE fan. I love and admire how brutally honest you are about yourself without sounding like a “bitch”, because people used to shame me for the same qualities. Thank you for the inspiration!

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